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AYSO Hawaii

Age Divisions

The effective date of age determination is the player's age as of July 31st of the year that the playing season begins. Players who are at least 4 years and 6 months old as of July 31st are also eligible to participate in AYSO.

The following are the standard age divisions for the Boys and Girls programs in AYSO:

  1. Under five-years-of-age (5) and not younger than 4 years of age - U-5 Division
  2. Under six-years-of-age (6) and not younger than 4 years and 6 months - U-6 Division
  3. Under eight-years-of-age (8) - U-8 Division
  4. Under 10-years-of-age - U-10 Division
  5. Under 12-years-of-age - U-12 Division
  6. Under 14-years-of-age - U-14 Division
  7. Under 16-years-of-age - U-16 Division
  8. Under 19-years-of-age - U-19 Division

Regions can form coed U-6 Division for boys and girls under six-years-of-age and not younger than five (5) years. Regions can also form coed U-5 Divisions for boys and girls not younger than four years. Teams formed in this division are primarily to teach the introduction of soccer skills and techniques to the children, not for competitive purposes.

Every effort is made to balance team strengths within any one age division, within a reasonable geographical area.