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Since 1897


AYSO Hawaii

Statewide Tournaments

Each year, AYSO Hawai'i features two major soccer events: the Rainbow Tournament and the Kirk Banks Tournament.

The annual AYSO Rainbow Tournament, marking its 26th year in 2005, is held from late June through early July at the Waipi'o Soccer Complex on O'ahu. Boys and girls teams in the U-10 through U-19 Divisions are invited to participate in the event.

The Rainbow Tournament began as a cultural exchange program, giving Hawai'i teams the chance to play against stronger Mainland teams. This competitive tournament attracts dozens of teams each year from around the state and the Mainland.

The Kirk Banks Tournament is held during spring break (March) each year, in memory of soccer player Kirk Banks, who died in an auto accident at the young age of 31. Kirk played on the Kailua High School soccer team, coached AYSO soccer, helped form the Ohana Soccer Club of Kailua, and created the O'ahu Women's Soccer Team.

The Kirk Banks Tournament is open to boys and girls U-10 through U-19 teams throughout the state and is held at the Waipi'o Soccer Complex. In 2004, the event attracted more than 160 teams, making it one of the largest soccer events in the Islands.