Meadow Gold
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Since 1897


14th Annual Meadow Gold Milk Carton Regatta


  • NO WOOD is allowed in the making of your boat. Your boat
    may be subject to disqualification if there is wood used to
    build the frame.

  • Only Meadow Gold and/or VIVA brand half-gallon milk
    cartons are allowed.
    (Meadow Gold will provide one case of 300
    flat cartons.)

  • Absolutely no juice cartons or milk cartons of any other
    company are allowed.
    (For example, Foremost, Silk, Times, Best
    Yet, Don Quijote, Lucerne, etc. are not allowed.)

  • The boat must have a minimum of two levels of Meadow Gold
    and/or VIVA brand half-gallon milk cartons.

  • No materials of any kind, e.g. styrofoam, may be used
    or inserted
    into the milk cartons.

  • Boats from a previous year’s race are not allowed.
    New boats must be constructed.

  • Raft or surfboard designs are not allowed.

  • Each boat may use up to 10 screws to be used for the school flag.

  • Only clear packing tape is allowed. Tape other than clear packing tape is not allowed. (Meadow Gold will provide two packs of clear tape.)

  • 100 feet of rope (up to 1/4˝ diameter) may be used.

  • Waterproofing materials such as waterproof glue (Elmer’s
    Ultimate Glue or Gorilla Glue), contact cement or water seal
    (Thompson Water Seal) may be applied to the milk cartons.
    Use of fiberglass or resin is prohibited.

  • A keel is acceptable only if it is not movable or directional.

  • An ama or outrigger float is allowed. It must be made out
    of milk cartons
    - wood is not allowed.

  • Rudders or seat cushions are not allowed.

  • Each boat is required to display a non-structural flag with the
    school’s name.
    The flag must be at least two feet above hull
    level. (Meadow Gold will provide a dowel stick for your flag.)

  • Boats are not allowed to use sails or any type of device that
    will attempt to catch the wind or breeze during the race.

  • Violation of any of the Boat Rules will result in a 10-second
    added to the team’s overall race time for each infraction
    - or disqualification