Meadow Gold
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14th Annual Meadow Gold Milk Carton Regatta


  1. Design and build a boat using Meadow Gold and/or VIVA brand half-gallon milk cartons that two students will paddle in the calm waters off Magic Island at Ala Moana Beach Park.

  2. There will be two races – one for Middle School teams and another for High School teams. On Saturday, May 1, Middle School teams will compete in a 75- to 100-meter course. High School teams will compete in a 100- and 125-meter course (depending on the day’s weather). The course will be in a controlled area secured by lifeguards from Aloha Surf Lifesaving. (See a sketch of the race course.)

  3. The Health & Environment Workshop will teach students about the importance of keeping Hawai‘i’s ocean waters clean and how to conduct water quality testing. It will also feature a physical agility course. Following the workshop, teams will take a quiz on the information learned. The workshop is mandatory.

  4. The Display Presentation Exhibit will feature text and image displays of the steps taken by the various teams to complete their boats. The displays will explain each phase of the process, from research and design to the final finished product. It will also explain or demonstrate related scientific principles and any apparatus, techniques, designs or applications. The display will be based on fact-finding through design, building and testing of the boat, or data gathered through observation and/or research. This is a mandatory activity.

A 15-second penalty will be assessed for teams that do not participate or set up a presentation.