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Since 1897


14th Annual Meadow Gold Milk Carton Regatta


  • Each team is responsible for delivering and removing its boat
    from Ala Moana Beach Park. Teams are not allowed to dispose of
    their boat at Ala Moana Beach Park in compliance with City and
    County regulations. Please take your boat(s) back to your school.

  • A reserved parking space will be provided for your vehicle
    transporting the boat to the park.

  • Each team must provide two team members to paddle the
    during the race (adults are not allowed). If you enter two
    boats, you must have a total of four team members to paddle
    - two for each boat entry.

  • Boats should be able to turn corners during the race.

  • All student paddlers are required to wear U.S. Coast Guard-approved
    life jackets
    that will be provided by Kama‘aina Kids.

  • Each team must provide its own paddles. Two (one for each
    paddler) single- or double-blade paddles are allowed.

  • Each team is responsible for getting its boat into the water
    from the shoreline and out of the water after its heat. Student
    paddlers will board the boat while in shallow water.

  • Each team will provide two members to hold the boat steady
    and in place at the start point.
    Members are not allowed to
    “push” or “guide” the boat once the whistle has been blown to
    start the race.

  • Student paddlers will paddle toward the buoy, turn LEFT
    around the buoy, paddle back to the start line, then jump out
    and run
    from the start line (in the water) to the finish line on
    the beach.

    Teams will not be penalized for going around the buoy the wrong way (i.e., turning right around the buoy instead of left around the buoy), but they must make a complete turn around the buoy.

  • Teams that cause a crash or collision with their opponent during their race will receive a 10-second penalty.

  • Hand paddling is not allowed. Student paddlers must be in
    a sitting or kneeling position at all times during their heat and
    their legs must not be in the water. Violation of this rule will
    result in a 10-second penalty added to the team’s overall race

  • At the start of each race, a representative from each team
    will be given nautical flags. These flags will be used should the
    paddlers or boat clearly not appear to be able to complete the
    race. When the flags are waved, it will notify the race director,
    lifeguards, Regatta Committee, time keepers, and team members
    that the team is forfeiting the race.

  • For the Display Presentation Competition, project display boards
    must be a maximum of 36” high and 48” wide. There must
    be one display board for each boat entry. Computer
    presentations are not allowed.

  • Meadow Gold Dairies Hawai‘i cannot assume liability for damage
    to displays or theft of equipment.

  • Valuable equipment should be removed immediately after judging
    because valuables could be stolen or vandalized since the Regatta
    is held at a public park.

  • Each team is responsible for removing and disposal of display
    boards from Ala Moana Beach Park. Please take the display
    board back to your school.