Meadow Gold
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Since 1897


14th Annual Meadow Gold Milk Carton Regatta


Judges will look for the following:

A. Most Creative Boat

  • Meadow Gold and/or VIVA brand half-gallon milk cartons
    must be visible on all sides of the boat.

  • Design of boat.

  • Boats may not have any sharp or protruding objects.

  • Only clear packing tape is used.

  • School flag.

  • Types of paddles.

B. Most School Spirit

  • Shirts bearing “Meadow Gold Milk Carton Regatta” and the school’s and/or team’s name.

  • A scripted school and/or team cheer. Teams can shout, clap, jump, dance and use props.

  • Each boat team’s cheer must be no longer than two minutes with a maximum of 12 students performing the cheer. If you enter two boats, you may not combine your teams.

  • Penalty: 5 points if there are more than 12 students.

C. Display Presentation

  • Scientific & Technical Accuracy: Scientific principles understood,
    and demonstrated, and problem studied thoroughly.

  • Dramatic Value & Communication: Visual quality of exhibit
    (attractiveness, involves the viewer). Clearly described and
    explained, good use of language and graphics, easily read
    presentation board. No computer presentations
    are allowed.

There will be a 15-second penalty if displays are not