Meadow Gold
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Since 1897


14th Annual Meadow Gold Milk Carton Regatta


  • Students gain hands-on experience by implemenation of
    lessons learned in science and industrial arts classes.

  • Students will build character through teamwork,
    responsibility, creativity and leadership,
    as well as
    develop school spirit and pride. But most of all, they will
    have fun while learning!

  • The top five teams in the Middle and High School Divisions win trophies and Meadow Gold gift packs filled with gift certificates. Office Depot Gift Certificates will be awarded to the winners in each division as follows:
  First Place $500
  Second Place $400
  Third Place $300
  Fourth Place $200
  Fifth Place $100
  • One team from each division awarded the Most Creative
    will receive prize packages with items from Wet ‘n
    Wild Hawaii, 7-Eleven, and more.

  • One team from each division selected as the winner of the
    Most School Spirit award will receive prize packages with
    items from Wet ‘n Wild Hawaii, Dave & Buster’s, and

  • One team from each division will be awarded prizes in
    the Display Presentation Exhibit and Health &
    Environmental Workshop.

  • Teachers will race to win a Meadow Gold Ice Cream Party
    for their class.

  • Food and refreshments will be provided for up to 20
    members of participating teams. Wristbands will be provided
    for all team members at check-in on Regatta day.

  • Each team must be represented by a minimum of eight
    (8) students:

    2 - paddlers
    3 - Health & Environmental Workshop
    1 - team captain
    1 - Display Presentation
    1 - Most Creative Boat