Meadow Gold
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Since 1897


14th Annual Meadow Gold Milk Carton Regatta


  1. There are three options to enter by Wednesday, January
    6, 2010: 1) Register Online at; 2) Complete
    the attached registration form and Fax to Meadow Gold
    Dairies, Attention: Maude Tanaka at 944-5901; and 3) Mail
    to Meadow Gold Dairies at P. O. Box 1880, Honolulu, HI 96805.

  2. Schools are limited to registering two teams.

  3. Once registration is received, teachers will be e-mailed a
    confirmation form.

  4. The Teacher Orientation will take place, Wednesday,
    January 20, 2010 at 4:00 p.m. at the McKinley Community
    School for Adults. Registered teachers will receive a check
    for supplies, one case containing 300 flattened Meadow Gold
    and/or VIVA brand half-gallon milk cartons, two packs of 3M
    Super Strength Packing Tape (each pack contains eight rolls),
    a dowel stick for your school flag, and a list of approved
    items that you’re able to use. This is the same tape used by
    teams that have participated in previous years. Teachers
    unable to attend the orientation will be required to make
    arrangements with Ashley Jenkins (358-1396) to pick up their
    packet and supplies at the Meadow Gold Administrative
    Offices at 925 Cedar Street.