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How to be a Meadow Gold Mom

How to be a Smart Shopper

Smart shopping is no longer just a skill but a necessity.

Healthy eating can be more expensive than snacking on junk food - fresh produce and lean meats and fish often fetch premium prices. Here are some tips for making your grocery dollars stretch farther.

  • Sign up on to receive coupon packs containing assorted discounts for popular Meadow Gold items. These can come in handy between sales at the supermarket or when the budget is tight.

  • Coupons for Oahu grocery stores come out in Wednesday's MidWeek. Check for sales on items you use often, or specials on items you can use if the price is right, like steaks. You may also want to stock up on staples that can be frozen if they are deeply discounted.

  • Make a grocery budget and use the supermarket ads in MidWeek and newspapers to plan your spending (write it down!) to avoid impulse buys.

  • Just because something is on sale doesn't necessarily mean it's a good deal. If your family won't use it, you're better off buying something else.

  • Wholesalers like Costco are great for buying food for large groups of people, but if you're just feeding a few, it might be more economical to go to the grocery store instead. Or, shop wholesale stores with a friend or neighbor and split the quantity and cost of bulk items.

  • Buy in-season fruits and vegetables to ensure peak flavor. Buy local when possible - it's fresher and it may be less expensive.

  • Advertised items aren't necessarily the cheapest, so be on the lookout when sale shopping.

  • Compare unit prices (e.g., cents per ounce). The big box or jar is often the better buy, but not always.

  • Buy "essential" items before you run out of them. If an item you use often is on sale, save money by stocking up.

  • Finally, don't forget to use your favorite store's loyalty card (like Safeway's Club Card and Foodland's Maika'i Card).

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