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How to be a Meadow Gold Mom

My Time

Balancing family, work and personal time can be a stressful challenge.

Like everyone else, moms need to take time every so often to unwind and relax. Don't let "relaxation" be just another item on your to-do list. Finding time for yourself should be a priority. Here are some tips to fitting "me time" into a busy schedule.

  • Organize a babysitter support group with other busy moms: volunteer to babysit their kids once in a while and in exchange they'll take your kids every so often. The payoff: date night with your husband or just a few hours to yourself in the afternoon or evening to read, nap or take a long bath.

  • If you have a long commute, use the time alone in the car to listen to music you enjoy or books on tape.

  • Set and enforce consistent bedtimes for your kids that are at least an hour before you go to bed. Use the quiet time to unwind and plan the day ahead.

  • Whenever you can find half an hour, draw a naturally soothing milk bath, using this simple recipe. Add to running bathwater: ½ c. liquid honey, 3 c. milk, ½ c. baking soda (for bubbles) and your favorite flower petals or dried herbs for fragrance and color.

  • If you decide to go to bed early, when you put the children to bed, consider getting up an hour or so before them and use the time to enjoy coffee and the morning paper, take a brisk walk or do other exercise. It will help start your day in a refreshed and calm mood.

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