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How to be a Meadow Gold Mom

Making a healthy lifestyle a priority can be a big challenge for moms who have to juggle work, kid's school, and activities while keeping the household running smoothly.

When there is little time to plan and prepare balanced meals, the goal of eating healthfully can sometimes get lost in the shuffle. So, how do you maintain a healthy lifestyle while juggling so much else? Click on the links below to find tips on healthy eating, cooking with kids, recipes and weight loss.

Healthy Family Meals
Milk and dairy products can play a healthy part in every meal.
Cooking with Kids
Learn how you can spend more time with your kids and teach them about good nutrition.
Healthy Eating for Kids
Hectic schedules can make it hard to sit down to a healthy family meal. Click here for quick, creative and tasty ideas.
Good for You
Taking care of a family is a demanding job. Click here for tips and time savers to maintain a healthy diet.
My Time
Like everyone else, moms need to take time every so often to unwind and relax.
How to be a Smart Shopper
Smart shopping is no longer just a skill but a necessity.
Physical Activity and Health Tips
While television and video games are the most popular forms of entertainment for youngsters, moms can do a lot to help kids learn to love active entertainment.