Meadow Gold
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Since 1897



Meadow Gold Dairies Hawai'i is headquartered in Honolulu and operates facilities throughout the state. Distribution facilities are located in Kahului on Maui, and Kona on the Big Island. Meadow Gold also operates a dairy processing plant in Hilo on the Big Island.

Meadow Gold's fleet of more than 130 trucks cover nearly 9,000 miles a week, delivering products to more than 2,000 customers on more than 90 routes. Our distribution programs are tailored to cover the needs of every customer.

For customers who desire full service, Meadow Gold provides total ordering, servicing, and inventory control. Limited service enables customers to order products in specified quantities, with Meadow Gold delivering the products to their storeroom. For drop ship orders, Meadow Gold supplies products as ordered by the customer, delivering them to a receiving area. We also have customized service programs, tailored to meet specific customer needs.

Today, Meadow Gold's roster of customers is a virtual Who's Who of Hawai'i retail grocers, restaurants, convenience stores, hotels, and mass merchandisers. Many of our customers have remained loyal to Meadow Gold since statehood.

Where To Buy

These are a few of the places where you can find Meadow Gold products: