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12th Annual Meadow Gold Milk Carton Regatta

Ahoy, Mates! Campbell High School And Mililani Middle School Take First Place In The 12th Annual Meadow Gold Milk Carton Regatta

Meadow Gold Dairies of Hawaii’s 12th Annual Milk Carton Regatta had 33 boats participating from across Oahu competing for prizes. But it was teams from Campbell and Mililani that took home first-place honors, $500 Best Buy gift certificates, and other prizes.

The Milk Carton Regatta gives students the opportunity to apply what they’ve learned in science and industrial arts classes in a real-world project by designing, building, testing and racing a boat made almost entirely of milk cartons. Students built and raced two-person boats they built using Meadow Gold and/or VIVA half-gallon milk cartons, glue and lots of tape. The Milk Carton Regatta also provides an enjoyable way for students to learn about teamwork and develop school spirit, while learning about the health and nutritional value of Meadow Gold dairy products.


Milk Carton Regatta – winner information

Middle School Division:

  1. Mililani Middle School – first place
  2. Kapolei Middle School #1 – second place
  3. Myron Thompson Academy – third place
  4. Kamehameha Schools – fourth place
  5. Kailua Intermediate School #1 – fifth place

High School Division:

  1. Campbell High School #1 – first place
  2. Campbell High School #2 – second place
  3. Roosevelt High School #2 – third place
  4. Academy of the Pacific – fourth place
  5. Roosevelt High School #1 – fifth place

School Spirit:

  1. Dole Middle School – middle school
  2. Campbell High School #1 – high school

Most Creative Boat:

  1. Hakipuu Middle School – middle school
  2. Academy of the Pacific – high school

Health/Environment Workshop:

  1. Dole Middle School – middle school
  2. Campbell High School #1 – high school


All teams received prizes from American Box Car Racing, Blockbuster, Consolidated Theatres, Dave and Buster’s, Glow Putt Mini Golf, Hawaiian Waters Adventure Park, Pizza Hut, Planet Fun, Roberts Hawaii, 7-Eleven and Zippy’s.

Celebrity Race and Teachers Race Winners:

Other highlights of the Regatta were the Celebrity Race and the Teachers Race. Teams from four local TV stations and a team from MidWeek competed for a Meadow Gold ice cream party for their company. This year’s winning team was KGMB’s Steve Uyehara and Taizo Braden

Teachers from Waianae High School and Saint Ann’s Church & Model School took home the High School and Middle School titles for this year’s Teachers Race.

Moo-halo to the event committee and the many hard-working volunteers who made the day a success!